Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wreathes, Wreathes, and More Wreathes

Not sure why, but I have found that I love making wreathes lately.  I find them so fun, colorful, and they really let me be creative.  It probably has something to do with the fact that you can change them out so often.  Seasons, holidays, moods. . .
So with that, I made a few wreathes for other people lately.
My sister just had her third son. She runs a yarn business and nicknames all of her kids on-line.  The newest one, she nicknamed Tiny Lime.

When we went to visit her and her new baby, we decided to make her a wreathe to celebrate the new baby.  I found some lime green duct tape at the store and drew little limes all over the wreathe with a sharpie.  Then we found some fun, bright colored flowers to glue on, and made some ribbon loops with bright yellow ribbon to finish it off. 

My husband's cousin had a wedding shower the same weekend that we went to visit my sister, so I just kept on with the duct tape theme.  The invitations to the shower each included an occupation for each couple to be inspired by.  We were the movie theatre owners.

We had a gag gift, an ugly old chair,  that is now being passed around my husband's family and we used this to decorate it.  Using duct tape, we tried to follow the movie clapboard theme.  We added flowers to add a bit of color and pattern with the plaid, and since we were decorating a chair, we included the Best Seat in the House title. 

Our third wreathe was for my parents.  They live close to the ocean in Washington in a beautiful yellow and blue house.

We started by wrapping the wreathe in this beautiful blue yarn.  Then tried to make it somewhat reminiscent of the beach.

We used these big white poppies and yellow flowers to add a punch of color and texture and added seashells.  I love how it turned out.  So simple and pretty!

Finally, I made this patriotic wreathe for the upcoming holiday!

I found a thin plastic tubing and taped the ends together.  I painted the clothespins red, white and blue.  Then painted on some stars on the blue clothespins.  I really like how fun this is, and it reminds me of fireworks exploding.  :)


Lights, Camera, Action!

My husband and I love to go to the movies and we always save the movie tickets and then they just kick around the house until they get lost, crumpled, or thrown away.  So, we decided to make a movie box.
I found this cute suitcase at our local craft store a few months ago and decided to make it look like a movie clapboard.
I taped off the lines and the squares on the front, and painted the rest black.
Now we have a cute place to store all of our tickets and memorabilia!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring. . . Finally!

In Idaho, Spring has seemed to take a very long time to come, so when the sun started to peek out and the snow started melting, I got in the crafting mood.  This wreathe started out when I found this adorable green burlap ribbon.  I felt like twine was the perfect thing to accompany it.  As I was doing a search for twine, my husband and I came upon this raspberry raffia in the clearance section, an obvious buy.  I wrapped the wreathe in twine and wrapped the raffia loosely to add some color all around.  I found this cute blue button and painted the bird and flower to match. 

I think we've run out of places to hang crafts, so I've turned to doing wreathes because we have plenty of doors to hang them on. . . This one was very fun to make.  I used the same burlap ribbon, but found this beautiful flower made out of wood at the craft store.  I couldn't decide what else to do, and my husband suggested the tulle flowers.  I'm very happy how this turned out.

I love to walk around craft stores, and luckily for me, I have an amazing husband who indulges me. . . I found this cute milk bottles at our local craft store for about $2 and had to have them.  I hot glued some lace around the bottom part and. . . voila!

Some purple and white flowers completed this fun project for me.

Valentine's Day Crafts!

As Valentine's Day approached, I realized I have no Valentine's decorations!  So, of course, I made some.  I found this wreath on Pinterest, and absolutely loved how cute it is!  I wrapped a Styrofoam wreath with a gray yarn, cut out hearts out of felt, and then crissed-crossed some yarn over top to give it the adorable argyle look.  I love it!

Another Pinterest idea I found. . . These hearts are just cardboard and then painted with ribbon glued to attach them.  It was a fun project a co-worker and I worked on together.  Very fun, colorful, and reminds me of conversation hearts we used to eat as kids.

This was super simple but I love the idea of the alphabet being used in a fun way.