Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring. . . Finally!

In Idaho, Spring has seemed to take a very long time to come, so when the sun started to peek out and the snow started melting, I got in the crafting mood.  This wreathe started out when I found this adorable green burlap ribbon.  I felt like twine was the perfect thing to accompany it.  As I was doing a search for twine, my husband and I came upon this raspberry raffia in the clearance section, an obvious buy.  I wrapped the wreathe in twine and wrapped the raffia loosely to add some color all around.  I found this cute blue button and painted the bird and flower to match. 

I think we've run out of places to hang crafts, so I've turned to doing wreathes because we have plenty of doors to hang them on. . . This one was very fun to make.  I used the same burlap ribbon, but found this beautiful flower made out of wood at the craft store.  I couldn't decide what else to do, and my husband suggested the tulle flowers.  I'm very happy how this turned out.

I love to walk around craft stores, and luckily for me, I have an amazing husband who indulges me. . . I found this cute milk bottles at our local craft store for about $2 and had to have them.  I hot glued some lace around the bottom part and. . . voila!

Some purple and white flowers completed this fun project for me.


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